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“Dexter Danger could be your next big discovery.” – AMP Magazine

“These guys will be huge, it’s just a matter of time.” –

“Bottom line: The record is certainly proof that pop-punk can take a step in a better direction.” – The Spectator, Seattle, WA

“Dexter Danger have built themselves a solid foundation to become a great force in punk rock music.” –, Internet Punk Rock Radio

“Definitely one of the most requested bands here on Live 105’s Local Lounge! These guys have a cult following.” – DJ No Name, Live 105 – KITS, San Francisco

“San Francisco’s Dexter Danger has probably one of the most active street teams of any local band.” – DJ No Name, Live 105 – KITS, San Francisco for Bay Area Buzz

“Catchy, well written, and hook filled songs.” – The Aquabats

“This quartet from California bring an energy and determination to their music that captures you and doesn’t release you – great musicianship, an awareness of melody and introspective lyrics. I can sit down and listen to this release over and over.” –

“‘Hellafornia’ is one that could be listened to all the way through, without wanting to skip forward to the next song. There is a sound for every mood, so for those that like variety, Dexter Danger’s ‘Hellafornia’, will give you just that… It goes to say without question they’ve got what it takes to be heard.” – Zero Magazine

“This is by far way better than any pop punk that you are going to buy from a label like Drive-Thru. I give this band a lot of credit for putting together such a solid recording without the backing of a label. Certainly that won’t be the case for long with their loyal local following and a sound that has been sweeping the pop charts lately these guys are sure to have some offers to be deciding over shortly.” – Jason Stoner,

“Every song on [Forever Broken] is pure pop/punk — Dexter Danger goes about their business well and, if you are a pop/punk sort of person, you will enjoy this disc.” – Skratch Magazine

“My initial opinion was some weird cross between melodic pop-punk and something more responsible and classic like Husker-Du. Its friendly enough, but maybe a little too conversational and opinionated to be a social butterfly. Its a CD that you can learn to enjoy very quickly during the first listen.” –

“‘Hellafornia’ is much like the reincarnation of Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ record.” –