“Lucky Strike / Hey Sunshine” EP out July 27!

After 11 long years, we are excited to announce that we are releasing new music! Pick up our new EP “Lucky Strike / Hey Sunshine” on Wednesday, July 27, exclusively on Bandcamp! dexterdanger.bandcamp.com

Wanna be the first to get our new EP? We now have it up for pre-order at dexterdanger.bandcamp.com for only $2! Everyone who pre-orders will have the EP automatically sent to their e-mail inbox at midnight on Wednesday, July 27!

And if you really wanna be ahead of the game, you can also pre-order the Limited Edition CD of “Lucky Strike / Hey Sunshine” which comes with our Sweet Sixteen Zine and ships on August 31!

We’re headed back to the studio!

DD_Back To The Studio

Good news everyone!

We’re currently planning on recording a new EP¬†in the spring¬†and having a release show in the Bay Area later this year!¬†It’s been over 10 years since we’ve officially released music so we’re really excited to share these new songs with you. Stay tuned for more details!¬†Until then, make sure you stay in the know by¬†joining our mailing list/forwarding our e-mails to friends!

Thank you so much for supporting us in doing what we love. Thank you for believing in DD.

Aymen, Miguel, Sean, & Ryan

Happy birthday to us!

Today is Dexter Danger’s 15th birthday! On December 8, 2000, we held our very first show at the Millbrae Rec Center. Take a trip down memory lane by checking out our photos, videos, fliers, and interviews from the past 15 years!¬†You can also listen to and download Dexter Danger free on¬†Bandcamp!