Our gift to you on DD’s 16th birthday!

Today is Dexter Danger’s 16th birthday! But before Dexter Danger, there was Spoiled Rotten, so to celebrate, we’re gifting you something super special – free streaming of Spoiled Rotten’s EP “Give Up Growing Up” at dexterdanger.bandcamp.com!



“Lucky Strike / Hey Sunshine” EP out July 27!

After 11 long years, we are excited to announce that we are releasing new music! Pick up our new EP “Lucky Strike / Hey Sunshine” on Wednesday, July 27, exclusively on Bandcamp! dexterdanger.bandcamp.com

Wanna be the first to get our new EP? We now have it up for pre-order at dexterdanger.bandcamp.com for only $2! Everyone who pre-orders will have the EP automatically sent to their e-mail inbox at midnight on Wednesday, July 27!

And if you really wanna be ahead of the game, you can also pre-order the Limited Edition CD of “Lucky Strike / Hey Sunshine” which comes with our Sweet Sixteen Zine and ships on August 31!