Thank you!

Dear DD family,

We had a blast celebrating our sweet sixteen with you last night! Thank you so much for coming out to share such a special time with us. We are so lucky to have such dedicated, passionate, and supportive fans like you. If it wasn’t for your unconditional love over the years, we wouldn’t have decided to return, release new music, and simply bring more DD into your life (and our lives too)! We’ve got a lot of cool things planned for the future and we are so excited to be on this journey with you again. THANK YOU for all the love you’ve given us over the past 16 years. It’s truly your love that keeps DD’s heart beating strong. Stay tuned, and see you soon!

Aymen, Miguel, Ryan, and Jared

P.S. Check out photos from our show on our Facebook page!

Let’s Make Pop Punk Great Again!

Our new “Lucky Strike / Hey Sunshine” EP is out now, exclusively on Bandcamp! You can get the digital download for $2 or the Limited Edition CD plus digital download AND Sweet Sixteen Zine for $5! Remember, only YOU can help make pop punk great again!

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