It’s Not Pretty Being Easy turns 20!

Dexter Danger’s first release, the “It’s Not Pretty Being Easy” EP turns 20 this month! Building on the groundwork of Spoiled Rotten (the band’s former name), Aymen Trouble, Sean McKnight, and Josh Curmi introduced Dexter Danger to what would eventually become a global audience before the band’s indefinite hiatus in 2006.

The EP was recorded at the Art of Ears studio in Hayward, California with the legendary punk recording engineer Andy Ernst who recorded and produced the early albums of Bay Area punk powerhouses like Green Day, Rancid, and AFI. Driven by a D.I.Y. spirit, the band sold Dexter Danger buttons, patches, stickers at shows to foot the recording bill.

While the group developed a large and loyal following across the Bay Area with regular performances at venues like Slim’s and the Great American Music Hall, “It’s Not Pretty Being Easy” caught the attention of the largest Bay Area modern rock radio station Live 105 KITS 105.3 FM and received regular airplay on the station’s popular weekly program “Local Lounge.”

Only 500 physical copies of the EP were produced which makes it an elusive find for Dexter Danger fans. Thanks to this great little invention called the Internet, we’re able to share “It’s Not Pretty Being Easy” with you without needing a physical copy of the EP! Can you imagine that?

Go back in time and take a listen to the very beginning of Dexter Danger! Listen to the “It’s Not Pretty Being Easy” EP on Bandcamp.